• Mission and Vision 
AIMS is committed to delivering professional, flexible financial and investment solutions. We aim to deliver on our promises.
To be recognized as the leading provider of customer friendly financial and investment services.
As with any dynamic organization aspiring to achieve great things, AIMS is forging ahead, moving up, ‘aiming forward’ with the set of the following values:
Great ideas that allow us to grow and expand, improve work processes and challenge the way we do things. These will help AIMS move further up the ladder of success and rise above competition. Everyone at AIMS is encouraged to create, imagine, innovate and contribute new and unique ideas.
Open communication is vital in building rapport and promoting teamwork. Further, an organization that constantly communicates lessens conflict and achieves goals faster. At AIMS, open communication between manager and staff, and among team members and colleagues, is highly valued because it leads to understanding, cooperation, mutual respect and increased productivity and growth.
Customer Focus
At the heart of AIMS’ business are its customers. By putting customers first, AIMS creates a service culture characterized by professionalism, promptness, honesty, and a genuine desire to cater for customers’ needs.
AIMS puts a premium on being able to deliver on promises. As AIMS strives to be a reliable and dependable provider of financial services at all times, it expects no less from its management, staff, business partners and other stakeholders.
Organizations that embrace change as a way of life, as a way of continually improving to become better and better at what they do, and adapting to their ever-evolving environment – these are the organizations that succeed. At AIMS, we challenge everyone to take risks, seize opportunities and continuously strive to make things better. By initiating and managing change effectively, AIMS will become an unbeatable player in the financial services industry in Australia and globally. 
AIMS Main Assets = AIMS Values + People (AIMS Management, Staff and Sales Force/ Consultants)
We encourage everyone to learn these values by heart and more importantly live with them as they are the keys to our collective success in AIMS.